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The 411 on PetSmart's 7 Associate Resource Groups

At PetSmart, we celebrate that our associates come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. We are passionate about creating an environment where every associate feels like they Belong at PetSmart. Several Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) were formed so that associates could get involved in ways that mattered to them. Learn more about each below!

What is an associate resource group?

ARGs are a group of associates who share a common purpose, interest or background to develop opportunities for its members and PetSmart in support of our diversity and inclusion strategy.

What is the purpose of an associate resource group?

The goal of an ARG is to enhance the success of PetSmart’s business objectives, organizational culture and advance our diversity and inclusion strategy.

Intent of the Associate Resource Groups

The business intent for each of the six, approved ARGs is as follows:


MOSAIC is a collective that encourages associates from diverse backgrounds to embrace and celebrate their differences. MOSAIC’s mission is to build cultural awareness, foster open and productive discussions, and remove preconceived notions.


Pride At Work (PAW)

Pride At Work (PAW) is dedicated to creating an environment where

LGBTQ+ associates and allies feel supported and celebrated to be who

they are at PetSmart and in the communities they serve. Whether you’re

a straight ally, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or identify in any

other way, you belong here.



StartSmartassists associates and leaders to take charge of their professional development by providing education and networking opportunities that propel associates forward in their current role and prepare for future roles.


Women Inspiring Strength & Excellence (W.I.S.E.).

Women Inspiring Strength & Excellence (W.I.S.E.) is committed to

elevating PetSmart’s diverse workforce of women. We focus on both

professional and personal growth by cultivating a culture that supports,

develops, and empowers women.



SERVE honors the service of our PetSmart Veterans and their families

by providing Veterans and supporters a space to reach their fullest

potential. SERVE aims to create an environment where every Veteran

feels like they belong.



Awareness of Visible and Invisible Differences (AVID) strives to promote

diversity and inclusion by celebrating and acknowledging the experiences

and perspectives of associates with all different types of disabilities be they are temporary or permanent, physical or mental, visible or invisible.



Provide aims to educate and inspire all PetSmart parents and caregivers and help support them in their quest to succeed both personally and professionally.


May 07


Apr 23

Customer service, kindness, respect, helpfulness and knowledge.


Mar 27

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Mar 25

I love animals and I would do anything to keep them safe, comfortable and have fun.


Feb 28

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