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W.I.S.E. Women Wednesday

Act Happy Week March 15-21st

Did you know there is a whole week in March that celebrates acting happy??Happiness has been associated with many positive health implications, such as helping to maintain healthy blood pressure, boost your immune system, and oppose dangers associated with stress hormones. Being happy can also improve your mood and the mood of those around you. Is this not enough to make you want to improve your happiness?

Attempting to achieve happiness shouldn’t be a chore. Here are some easy ways for you to be involved in Act Happy Week:

  1. Do what’s important to you: Take some time off from your obligations and do something you enjoy doing! This is different for every person, and nothing is off limits!

  2. Force yourself to smile or laugh: Putting a smile on your face even when you’re upset or angry can help you convince yourself into a better mood.

  3. Tell someone a corny joke: Got a good knock-knock joke or something from a candy wrapper? Perfect!

  4. Watch a funny movie: Whether it’s something you’ve seen a hundred times or a new movie you’ve been dying to see, take some time to enjoy the humor.

  5. Surround yourself with happy/positive people: It’s hard to be in a bad mood when the people around you are in good spirits, find these people and keep them around.

  6. Practice gratitude: It’s easy to get lost in a world of want. Instead of focusing on what you want or don’t have, make a list of things in your life you are grateful for.

  7. Participate in random acts of kindness: Go out of your way to give someone a compliment or hold the door for longer than you normally would. Give others something to be happy about!

  8. Be optimistic: Use positive, uplifting words and try to focus on the bright side.

  9. Adjust your body language: Try sitting up straight, making funny faces, walking with your shoulders back, and uncrossing your arms.

  10. Laugh at yourself: Don’t take life too seriously! If it’s not the end of the world then don’t act like it is. Laugh whenever you can, especially at yourself.


How are you going to celebrate Act Happy Week?

Want to learn more about the power of positivity?


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