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Congratulations to PetSmart Associate, William (Janee’ Star)—Miss Gay Arizona America 2022!

PetSmart has some pretty amazing associates, including William, who's been part of the team for 8+ years. William recently WON the title of both Miss Gay Arizona America 2022 and Miss Gay Metropolis for Tucson and is going on to compete for the title of Miss Gay America 2023. We could not be happier for William's success and being able to live out loud in and outside of PetSmart.

Meet William,—Miss Gay Arizona America 2022—Janee’ Starr

Congratulations on both of your wins! How do you feel about this accomplishment? (AND going on to compete for the title of Miss Gay America?!)

William: It has been crazy for sure! I still am in a state of disbelief! From the moment they called my name after capturing the title of Miss Gay Metropolis America, I knew what I had to do…. I hunkered down and gathered the strength and support of my community to focus and keep my eyes on the prize! Hearing my name called at Miss Gay Arizona America is a moment that I will never forget, and is literally one of the greatest highlights of my entire life! When I started Female Impersonation 25 years ago, I had a goal, and that was to represent my state at the National Miss Gay America Pageant. Here we are many years later, and on my 7th attempt I was able to rise to the words “Please Meet and Greet your New Miss Gay Arizona America 2022…….Janee’ Starr”! I still cannot wrap my mind around it!!

It was a long time coming, but I never gave up! I am a strong believer that you never give up on your dreams! Gandhi says “You either win, or you learn”, and I spent 25 years learning, and I was ready to win! I am above the moon and STARRS knowing that I finally get the chance to represent the great state of Arizona as Miss Gay Arizona America 2022 at Miss Gay America 2023 in Little Rock, Arkansas in January! I am excited about my future, and can’t wait for y’all to see what this Arizonanan is capable of achieving!

What does Belonging mean to you?

William: To me, belonging means never having to doubt whether not you are exactly where you should be! Having the support of your friends, family, community, and state are what everyone should be able to feel every day, and I am so honored and humbled that I am fortunate enough to be able to say this is true in my life!

Congratulations to William, and thank you for being you 🥳


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