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Cristina, Loyalty Manager, Celebrates One Year of Loving #LifeAtPetSmart

As a Loyalty Manager, Cristina works in the gift card and payment innovation space, which means she gets to create gifting moments for our pet parents and helps to make sure pets and pet parents feel the love during special moments. 🥰

Most recently, she says that "Treats Members Month has been an interesting project to work on—the entire month is full of perks, deals, and giveaways. Gift cards were included as a deal in-store. There were so many teams involved in creating the excitement around members month- for me, it was my first in-store promotion for US and CAN 😊."

Whether you're bringing a new pet home, sending positive vibes, or wishing a happy birthday—Cristina's team has gift cards that can make any celebration pawsome. She says, "The gift card program is small but mighty. There is a lot of room for growth, and it touches many different areas of the business: Creative, finance, treasury, AP, merchandise, loyalty, CRM, Digital, Social, legal, and data analytics and more, ) but everyone plays a part in growing the program!

She isn't only a passionate PetSmart associate—she's also a devoted pet parent! Say hello to Cristina's adorable Malipoo, Luca! Cristina and her family adopted Luca at eight weeks on in Chicago in 2018. He was 2 lbs and 3oz when they brought him home! A funny fact about Luca—Cristina's husband claimed that he never wanted a dog and now he won't go to bed without Luca. 😂 (Who can relate? 🤭)

Besides her love of pets, Cristina continues to choose PetSmart as her employer because "PetSmart has created a family environment. The support and encouragement I receive from my team are truly genuine and hard to find. Once you experience that type of work environment, you don’t want to look back!

At PetSmart, I feel heard and am given the space and resources to learn and grow. Many companies try to focus on development, but at PetSmart, I've been given the opportunity to spread my wings, and I also feel supported if I don't succeed at first.

There is never a dull day! There's room for strategy building, problem-solving, creative flow, and learning all in one day. It feels good to ideate on a campaign and then see that come to life in a successful way!"

Something most people don't know about Cristina's Customer Experience Team within Loyalty is that it is all women, which is unique! She says, "We are a mighty team energized with ideas, but it's really cool to be surrounded by other women who cheer you on and encourage you to try new things! We come from different paths of life but are united together to do Anything for Pets."

Cristina's description of her


busy - family - goals ❤️


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