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Emily, PetSmart Cashier, Goes Above & Beyond For Deaf Pet Parent

Meet Emily. She’s a part-time cashier at Store 2234 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

She’s become familiar with a regular customer who is hearing impaired and relies on reading lips to communicate with others.

When the pandemic hit and mask mandates went into place, covering the faces of everyone in sight, Emily noticed the pet parent could no longer read lips and would have a hard time communicating within the store. The pet parent began communicating by typing on her phone and showing Emily what she needed to say. But, Emily had a better idea.

Emily went home and taught herself three different phrases to help make the pet parent’s trip to PetSmart a little better. She learned, “What is your phone number?” “Would you like a bag?” and “Have a nice day.”

When the pet parent was checking out the following week, Emily used her new sign language phrases and the pet parent was elated. Emily saw her whole face light up and she received two big thumbs up.

This is what a Passion for Pets and People looks like. Not to mention, Learning New Tricks. Thank you, Emily, for providing premium care for our pet parents and living our PetSmart values.


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