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Feel Good Friday 8/27/21

Hello and Happy Feel Good Friday!

What another wonderful week within #LifeAtPetSmart! Check out the below for some of the highlights from our stores, salons, DCs, and Shanghai office! 😁

Feel free to share with friends, or to get involved, use #LifeAtPetSmart on social channels. 🤩

Hoping you have a fabulous weekend!


Steven is an expert on all things #LifeAtPetSmart and loves sharing his knowledge with pets and pet parents that come into the store. We're lucky to have him in our pack!

Reptar's ready to go back to school! He knows PetSmart is the place to get all of the lizard supplies he could possibly need!

From bather (gray smock) --> Grooming Academy trainee (black smock)! Eloise is ready to continue to advance her skills at PetSmart!

Sending our congrats to Kierstyn and Emma—two of the newest Grooming Academy Graduates! And Shout-out to Katie for all of her hard work helping with the training!

Matt has been part of PetsHotel #LifeAtPetSmart for 4 years. His favorite part of the job: meeting new dog friends everyday! Thanks for all you do for our guests, Matt!

Do-it-all groomer/associate Vanessa is celebrating 18 years with us! We're lucky to have such a dedicated & enthusiastic associate on our team.

During the last #NationalAdoptionWeek, we partnered with Bobby Flay and the Made by Nacho team to help cats across the US. The Made by Nacho team donated $1 per cat adoption to PetSmart Charities for the first 5k adoptions so we could help cats in need. Not only did we hit that goal, but we were also able to help 16,000+ felines find loving homes!

Ryan and his puppy pals are lovin' life at PetSmart in the PetsHotels! It's hard to beat the fun within Doggie Day Camp!

Jessica's got that Friday feelin'! Can you relate?!

Salon Leader, Damien, is showing off some furry impressive work!

Bather, Cathy, was named associate of the month at her salon! Her team says, "We thank her for always being dependable and such a team player!" Congratulations Cathy!!

Name something better than guinea (or skinny!) pigs wearing Halloween costumes... we'll wait.

Congratulations to Anne who recently celebrated her 7 year work anniversary with DC36. Thank you for all you do!

PetSmart's Shanghai Office recently celebrated Kid's Day as part of their Belonging initiative!

Associate, Kimberly, says "Belonging is more than just making associates feel like they belong. It can also be extended to making their kids feel like they belong too. Happy families motivate associates to achieve more at work!"

*COVID restrictions differ in this location

DC associates had their own basketball competition.

Great weather and great times!

It's impossible to get tired of the adorable guests that come into our stores and salons!

We're proud to have associates like Loly in the PetSmart pack! It’s not always easy to adjust and mold yourself to company changes, new leaders, and stores but Loly has done it for 24 years! She has an amazing work ethic and she’s always willing to help out any store! We are proud that she is still with us today. Happy PetSmartversary Loly!

Miss Norma the duck came to visit her friends PetSmart! It's so much fun greeting the best guests!

We're hoping your weekend is as bright, fun, happy, and cool as these PetSmart salon guests!


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