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Happy 35th Birthday, PetSmart!

PetSmart’s 35th birthday is August 11, 2021.

To celebrate, we asked a few tenured associates to reflect on the past 35 years:

What was PetSmart like back then?

“I started as a cashier when they opened Store 0164 in 1990 down in Tucson. I think we had around 13 stores. It was a lot of fun. The concept of being able to bring your animals into a store to shop was new so it attracted all kinds of customers. Each store had a 750 gallon aquarium along with a store bird, usually a macaw/parrot. These were also big attractions. A friend of mine ended up buying our store bird. She is a blue and gold macaw and still lives with my friend today! ” -Rita, 32 years with PetSmart

“When I started, we had only 3 stores in Houston and now we have 38. We even had a photo studio for pets at one time. I remember creating my own cheat sheet at the register for items that always lost UPCs- now there is a binder at registers.” -Belinda, 31 years with PetSmart

“PetSmart has always been a leader in the pet industry, but 30 years ago, pets were living in the backyard, and now they sleep in our bedrooms with us.”

-Chuck, 30 years with PetSmart

What are three words you’d use to describe your #LifeAtPetSmart?

“LOVE, PETS and PEOPLE. Without these three things, we wouldn’t be here. ”

-Joann, 31 years with PetSmart

“Exciting, fulfilling and fun!” -Chuck, 30 years with PetSmart

What has inspired you to stay with PetSmart all these years?

“I grew up with pets, and have 4 small dogs today so the simple answer is my love of pets and how they bring joy to people’s lives. PetSmart allowed me the opportunity for growth, and I have been fortunate enough to work with some great Leaders along the way that have given me guidance, and allowed me to make mistakes, but also learn from them.” -Mark, 25 years with PetSmart

What have you learned from working at PetSmart?

"PetSmart has taught me so much, Shoot, PetSmart has raised me!!! I've learned a lot about how business works and how to grow that business. Working for many SL's and DM's has shown me different work styles, and each has challenged me and pushed me to be a better leader. I absolutely love the fact that here at PetSmart you aren't stuck in any one position. PetSmart allows you to grow and learn anything you want. All you need to do is work hard, apply the knowledge, and attain your goals. I've seen it happen. I know a stocker, who went into management, then into store leader, then to leaving the stores to work at the home office in Phoenix. "Skies the limit"! I often tell this story during interviews. Now for the bonus part......the cute puppies and kittens you get to cuddle and play with. It's amazing how pets can change your entire day! It must show that I love my job because not only do I work for PetSmart, but so does my sister, my son (did), and my husband (did)." - Belinda, 31 years with PetSmart

Why do you love #LifeAtPetSmart?

"As far as why I love my life at PetSmart, the answer is broad. I have met some wonderful people over my time that have taught me, walked beside me, and inspired me to become better every year. I have made lifelong friends and relationships over the years and PetSmart truly is my second family."

- Joann, ASL, 31 years with PetSmart

I love #LifeAtPetSmart because I feel like we as an organization enhance the lives of Pets and their Pet Parents and I get the opportunity to work with the best Leaders and Associates in the retail sector."

- Chuck, RVP - Retail, 30 years with PetSmart


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