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Honor your Service and Expand your Opportunities at PetSmart - We are Proud to Hire Veterans

PetSmart is committed to providing Veterans and their loved ones with meaningful career opportunities that build upon their unique strengths, experiences, and skills. We recognize the immense value Veterans bring to our workforce and actively seek to leverage them in various roles across our organization as well as provide support to our Veteran associates.

SERVE is an Associate Resource Group (ARG) at PetSmart. This ARG honors the service of PetSmart Veterans, their families, and supporters by providing a space to reach their fullest potential. SERVE aims to create an environment where every Veteran feels like they belong.


Hear from Veterans at PetSmart

In what ways does PetSmart support Veterans in the workplace?

"PetSmart cares about Veterans! I started here in 2021, 4 months after separating from the US Air Force. On my first Veteran’s Day with the company, many people reached out to me, thanking me for my service. They were quick to show their appreciation despite my only being with the company for a few months. Experiencing that showed me how much PetSmart truly values Veterans. PetSmart gives Veterans many opportunities to shine and develop after their time of serving, regardless of their position with the company."
William, Service Desk Technical Lead

What does being a member of SERVE mean to you?

"I was so excited when SERVE was established at PetSmart. Coming from a military family, I knew the impact that the resources and information SERVE provide would have on our team and their families. SERVE not only celebrates the selfless act of veterans but creates a community for military families and our allies. There are many challenges that come with transitioning back to civilian life after serving in the military, and knowing there is an entire community here at PetSmart that not only understands those challenges but is there to help and support along the way is absolutely amazing!"
Brittany, District Leader

How has your military experience influenced your career at PetSmart?

“My naval career set me up for success by teaching me the compassion needed to be an ambassador for others which has translated to our pet parents and their pets.”
Leslie, Assistant Store Leader

How has your military experience influenced your career at PetSmart?

"You learn very quickly how to work as a team to complete everyday tasks. Whether that’s working the registers, maintaining pet care standards, or keeping the store clean and organized. It can only get done when everyone is working together."
Naomi, Associate Lead

Learn more about PetSmart's Associate Resource Group, SERVE, here.

PetSmart is proud to hire Veterans.

Apply today at

Thank you to all Veterans for their service and to our PetSmart SERVE members for making a difference within #LifeAtPetSmart.


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