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Jessica Shares a Glimpse into what it's like Working in PetSmart's Call Center

Have you ever had your pet groomed at PetSmart or a dog stay overnight for a PetsHotel visit? If yes, you may have interacted with our Services Reservation Center (SRC) department without even knowing it!

When you call any of our stores to book or inquire about any PetSmart service, your first point of contact is our SRC department. To ensure our store associates can focus on the needs of your pet, the SRC department handles typical reservations and can answer detailed questions about what our services entail.

Though you might start taking incoming calls for one area of the business, you can expand your knowledge of the business by taking on new services. As you grow your knowledge of these services, taking incoming calls is just the beginning—you could be given the opportunity to take on more complex tasks. These tasks range in education - seen on our training team, leadership - seen in our senior lead, and supervisor roles - seen on our quality assurance team.

The opportunities don't stop there! For SRC agents that are interested in working in a corporate environment, you have the opportunity to further build skillsets that can be translated into corporate careers. Some agents have moved from the SRC department into administrative roles, coordinator roles, and so much more!

All of this is just the start of the hard work (and fun!!) of our SRC department. Wondering what's it like to work in the SRC from an associates' point of view? Check out what Jessica, Supervisor SRC Customer Care, has to say!

I love working in the SRC because it is a fast paced environment that challenges me daily which promotes my personal growth. I like that I get to use my transferrable skills I gained from my retail store background like multi-tasking, active listening, and problem solving to help me succeed. It’s a bonus that I really enjoy working with my co-workers too.

Click on Mr. Pickles to learn more about working in our Call Center and explore open roles!

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