MOSAIC Storytellers - Black History

The concept of storytelling has been used throughout history to inform, educate, and celebrate across all cultures and ages. MOSAIC is proud to bring to you the power of hearing experiences, thoughts, and ideas through a new series called MOSAIC Storytellers.

In this first MOSAIC Storytellers series, we focused on Black History Month, which is more than just one month and should be celebrated all year long. We invited leaders from across the organization to share their thoughts on what Black History Month means to them, how they celebrate and honor Black History, and their thoughts on the need to teach history in a way that fully recognizes the contributions of people from all walks of life and from every background.

This series features:

  • Chris, Regional Director - Distribution

  • Jennifer, RVP - Southeast Region

  • Marcus, District Leader - W Tennessee

  • Vanessa, Sr. Manager - PHO

Please listen to what these MOSAIC Storytellers have to say. Our hope is that through this series we can help foster conversations among our family and friends, bring awareness to important topics, spark ideas, and celebrate our differences together.