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PetSmart Stylists Teach Teach Drew Barrymore How To Groom Her Pups

Our PetSmart Grooming Team Coaches, Kristie and Ashley, recently went on the Drew Barrymore show to teach her how to best care for her pups, Douglas and Lucy. In fact, Kristie and Ashley created the PetSmart Grooming Team in 2017 as a product of their true passion for pets. Kristie has been grooming for 26 years total, with the last 14 at PetSmart. Ashley has been with PetSmart and grooming for 20 years.

Kristie and Ashley provided their recommendations for the best treatments for Douglas and Lucy’s coat, plus shared with Drew what it takes to become a PetSmart groomer. (Over 800 hours of training!)

Be sure to follow the PetSmart Grooming team on Instagram @PetSmartGroomingTeam.


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