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Starting at the PetsHotel to managing the Phoenix Home Office—Brandon's #LifeAtPetSmart

Managing the Phoenix Home Office is no small task, but it allows PetSmart's Senior Manager of Corporate Facilities, Brandon, the opportunity to think big and make a positive impact on our Home Office associates. From the cafe to the gym and dog park, Brandon oversees three buildings at the Phoenix Home Office, an estimated 366,000 square feet of real estate! Hear more about how he's grown his career in #LifeAtPetSmart for the last 17+ years—from the PetsHotel to his current role at PHO.

"17 years ago, I started in our PetHotel at 17 years old - I was still in high school. There are many things I love about PetSmart, but one thing I love most is the people and leaders who have invested in me personally and professionally. Iron sharpens Iron. I am humbled and grateful to lead our Business Services team, and I am proud of this team. We have done some pretty epic things over the years, and it only gets better. Cheers to a fulfilling career and passion for Pets and People."


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