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Team Of Texas Associates Does Anything For Homeless Pets

Here at PetSmart, we're proud to do Anything for Pets and so are our amazing associates. Read on below for a heartwarming story about how salon associates in Texas are making a difference to better the lives of homeless pets.

In 2018, a District Academy Trainer (DAT), Marybeth, and her fellow associate Bobby partnered with the Humane Society of North Texas to put their expertise to use and help make homeless pets more adoptable. They offered free grooming services for the Humane Society’s adoptable pets, hoping a fresh cut and spa day may help find these pets their forever homes.

Now, the current DAT, Lauren, and her team continues their legacy by helping the adoptable pets in Fort Worth, Texas, get adopted, too. To date, the team has groomed 526 dogs for the Humane Society of North Texas and 95% of those dogs were adopted locally. The other remaining 5% were transported to the Pacific North West and adopted there, making it an incredible 100% adoption rate.

There have been cases where pets are rescued from unimaginable living conditions and their very first stop on their health journey is a visit to the PetSmart groomers. These dogs must be groomed before they can even receive medical care or the sex of the animal can be determined, due to severe matting.

Throughout the grooming process, this team has had the honor of watching homeless pets transform in from of their eyes. After being groomed, the demeanor of the pet changes entirely.

Thank you to Marybeth, Bobby, Lauren, Kelly, Natalia, Katie and Rebecca in Fort Worth, Texas for living our promise to do Anything for Pets.


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