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Did You Know? CSR Edition: Healthy & Happy Pets

Ensuring the welfare of animals in our care and our communities is our foremost responsibility.

One of the three focus areas of our CSR framework is Healthy & Happy Pets. This section of the report highlights how we aim to lead the industry in providing the highest-quality care to pets – before they reach our stores, while they’re in our care, and after they settle happily into their forever homes. All of our pet care health and safety practices, policies and procedures are evidence based, and developed with the clinical expertise of our staff veterinary team. Did you know? In 2022, we invested a total of 1.5 million hours of training for associates in pet care positions who care for 9.4 million pets across North America. Want to learn more? Download our full CSR report by clicking the image below.

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Lynn W
Lynn W
Jun 04, 2023

If someone where to buy a kitten through you does that include all the shots it needs or is that extra cost

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