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Feel Good Friday 2/5/21

Happy Feel Good Friday!

Here’s hoping everyone is having a great afternoon before the weekend begins! Let’s look back at some of the fun from #LifeAtPetSmart this week. Please feel free to share or tell friends to follow along here. Get involved by using #LifeAtPetSmart on social!

Have a SUPER weekend!


It’s so awesome to be able to celebrate these successes! Congrats to Sam for winning the Q4 Salon Top Paw Award! She finished academy in December and has been rocking her #LifeAtPetSmart as an accelerated Salon Leader!Her Salon is continuously improving in thanks to her amazing leadership. Her team of stylists are positive and happy to be at work! We can’t wait to see where your career continues to grow from here!


There were two proud leader moment for Marty this week!

He celebrated the graduation of the newest grooming academy student, Kenzie! Can’t wait to see what she can do!! 🐩✂️

His team of “Marty’s Minions" rose to #1 in sales!

“To say I am proud of my team is an understatement. This team (aka Marty’s Minions) have come so far over the last year. Our salon went from an underperforming, bottom of 13 salons in our district to being number 1 in sales. They broke sales records, variances, and carried our district through the worst of what COVID 19 could throw at them!!! Our salon was awarded the Top Paw award for Q3 & Q4 for 2020. I can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for us!!! Team work makes the dream work!!


Check out these amazing associates volunteering at the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter Adopt Don't Shop event. We LOVE to see it! #ForTheLoveOfPets


A “furry” job well done to Assistant Store Leader, Anna, who is doing an amazing job running the store in absence of her Store Leader and making sure everything is going smoothly. 👏


Amaya did an awesome job de-shedding Zeus this week! Looks like he lost about 10 pounds! 😂


Congrats to this AWESOME team for their #1 Pet Training performance in the company for the fourth year in a row! Jenny and Stephanie aren’t just great pet trainers, they are exceptional leaders of their business. Congrats to Stephanie on her recent promotion to Area Pet Trainer and thanks to Jenny for all she continues to do as an Area Pet Trainer and influencer for Pet Training Curriculum company wide. Store Leader, David is proud of this great team!


Store Leader, Kate, had a sweet celebration for her team for all their efforts in 2020. It was a wild ride! How cute is this?! 😄💓


Congrats to Christine! She was presented with Associate of the Quarter from the District Manager. Thank you Christine for all your hard work this quarter you truly deserve it! 🥳


Wrapping up the week with a few other #LifeAtPetSmart moments that are just too doggone cute not to share!


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