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Feel Good Friday 6/18/21

We're wishing you a happy Feel Good Friday and continued celebration of Pride Month, everyone! It was another great week in #LifeAtPetSmart this week—full of #PetSmartPride, fun times, and excitement for Belonging Week next week!

Check out the below for some displays of #UnconditionalLove and things to smile about. Feel free to share with your friends! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Associates can get involved by using #LifeAtPetSmart or #PetSmartPride. 🏳️‍🌈

We’ve been loving being able to celebrate with you this month and are excited for next week! Here's hoping you have a fantastic weekend!


Here at PetSmart, we stand for #UnconditionalLove all year round, but we've been LOVING the #Pride spirit shown from our stores through the different Pride Month decorations, merch, and different ways associates have shown to celebrate! We love celebrating Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈


Our associates are going ape in DC12 and cheering on our favorite team! What team are you rooting for? 📣


Kurt was recognized for 5,226 days (over 14 years!) with perfect attendance. Kurt received a signed letter from our CEO and SVP of Supply Chain for the positive impact his reliability has had on DC10. Thank you, Kurt, for being the model of being Accountable to the Pack!


Our 2021 interns have begun their #LifeAtPetSmart! This week we had our virtual intern give back day event where we packaged boxes for United Way. While this summer is a little different, the Emerging Talent team and the awesome interns are still managing to make a community impact!


Store Leader, Patrick, and his team were excited to show off their hard work from store standards, customer service metrics, 0 human and 0 pet incidents in over 2 years, being ranked #28 in the company, and much more!


Britt loveSSSSS her #LifeAtPetSmart and we love to see it! 🐍


PetSmart associates absolutely love making new friends!!! It’s moments like these that highlight our day! And these moments occur frequently on a daily basis


Watch out everyone!! Assitant Leader with Keys, Rachell, is forklift certified! We're always learning new tricks at PetSmart!


After 19 years I can still say I love my #lifeatpetsmart . To me, a job is more than a paycheck. I do it not only because of my passion for pets and people, is because of the people I surround myself with every day. Without them and PetSmart, I wouldn’t be here today. Love you all!

- Store Leader, Albert


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