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Feel Good Friday 12/18/20

It was another great week within #LifeAtPetSmart! Take a look below to share in some of the highlights from our amazing associates rocking it. Please feel free to share with friends or get involved by using #LifeAtPetSmart on social channels.


These awesome associates helped out at at event with Miami Animal Rescue. These store partnerships with community organizations are amazing and help make a difference in local areas.


Anthony recently began his #PetSmartGrooming career! He's off to an awesome start! 👏 We can't wait to see where his #LifeAtPetSmart goes from here! 😊 💫


These happy associates had their paws full at but are loving every minute of it! Such happy campers—We LOVE to see it!


This week Jamie celebrated her 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! 🎉 We are so happy to have Jaimie on our the PetSmart team. Her team say, "You can always count on her to make you smile!!"


This PetSmart team met their 2020 store goal! Whoop whoop!!! 🥳

“We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU 🙏 to our community in their donations this year of 2020! We met our 5,000 personal store goal and couldn’t be more grateful, we couldn’t have done this without the love and support from our pet parents!”


Our groomers are feeling the holiday spirit! Check out the Santa Paws-inspired look Groomer, Jenn, gave to one of her favorite clients, Kevin!


Lindi, Patrick, Missy, and Kristen at this PetSmart Distribution Center are unboxing some holiday spirit! Check out their #UglySweater celebration!


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